Use my advice


A lot of people hear that they want to be happy but can't say it !! Happiness is not a secret that will only be revealed to a few. Well, let me tell you some of the happy things you said we could not be happy about
If you do, you'll be happy 
I am very happy in my life. But it's not because I have it all filled up or I've got it all !! But there are many things I want to find. But they did not stop me from being happy. Because I look at what I have more than what I don't have. Do not focus on what you do not have, because what you have is greater than what you have
They say eggs are better, so you, too, do not break your happiness egg today by separating your happiness from your chicken. So don't say no, it's always better to thank than receive praise. To the one who has it, it is always added, but to the one who does not, it diminishes. in order to
Always be grateful for what you have. Thank You, for a grateful soul will be filled with gifts.
Do you think I'm poor ??
Most people think I'm poor and wait for money to be happy !! No wonder, when rich people want money, it is ridiculous. What if I told you that we were all rich?
it is !! If you were to read this article, if you could sell me a fortune for 10 million birr, would you sell it? You don't really do it because "it's not worth it" because our eyes are worth more than 10 million dollars. You see, a treasure worth not even 10 million dollars now
We have. The problem is to use this resource We don't use it, so we are rich when we use these resources So don't forget that money and sleep come in their own time; just doing what is expected of you doesn't lose your happiness because you are rich.
Don't try to please everyone !!!
Eh is the key: Your happiness is lost when you try to please everyone so don't try to please everyone !! If you believe it and do only what you want to do, think that if your job is 10,000 times snowier you can't please everyone !! Notice Hitler is the ruthless man in the world who has a woman's breasts, he has a friend, and he has an enemy like him so it's hard to please everyone !! So don't worry about your soul while living in this world that doesn't satisfy you Don't cry only for others to enjoy !!!
Don't put your happiness near !!! I read this short article and told you the story of the secret that I wanted to share with you: When a father is asked to be happy, say: "Don't keep your joy close. Therefore, dangerous drugs can be used to treat children from
As it is written, "Keep it where you will not reach, I say, put your joy in a place where other things cannot be found." When we fall out with a friend, when we go out with a co-worker, we are placed in close proximity to our over-the-top joy in the workload !!
Don't worry to enjoy !!
Why do I live? If you are feeling anxious, read this. no way. This question of existence arises from the unhappiness and dissatisfaction. People ask why they live when they feel empty. If you have a purpose in mind and know where you are going, you will not be asked why you live. An objective person does not raise the question of "why." Life is a way, a constant path. You have to walk the path, whether you have a purpose or not. The difference is that when you have a purpose, you don't mind asking questions because you know your destination. Every step is difficult because the person who has no purpose knows why he is traveling.
What if I die today
Imagine if we died today 1: Many thoughts of tomorrow die with us 2: How many goals we hold out for tomorrow will come down 3: Our hidden talents lie still with us 4 They die 7-The day you look forward to enjoying tomorrow makes the day darker so think of it now, just enjoy what you have to do each day as a last day?
Smile Always in Scrabboat, smile during a social event Some people will look and feel their face, as ifforced, but you will only get face-to-face scrolling so
Smile  Please note, the cat is not lighted so that you can catch a mouse. Think In Dark All Color is Black You must turn on the light to distinguish the color of the light if you want to be happy