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It is a non-painful state that creates an eclipse that sticks to the retina and prevents light from entering the retina How can cataract occur? Increasing age and exposure to sunlight will be used as factors to prevent it Cataract can be caused by a variety of eye ailments resulting from damage to the eye These include diabetes and different types of medication

Occasionally, babies can also be born with cataracts.
What are the symptoms of cataracts?
 If you do not, it will cause visual problems Blurry blurred or cloud-like view Difficulty driving under the influence of radiation when dealing with sunlight.
When you need to change your frequently ordered glasses The state of blurring in one of our eyes
Close-up items may be temporarily compromised, including a second vision We call it.
Cataract is a very slow process that prevents full vision and sometimes creates no visual impairment.
How can cataract pain be diagnosed?
If your doctor needs to look through your eyes and ask different questions, it can be done by doing tests to make sure there are no other vision bloating disorders.
How to treat cataract?
Surgical cataract surgery is performed when the cataract is difficult to sustain in daily life
Although it can be used to reduce pain by using prescription sunglasses, the pain can be slightly reduced but may improve.
Infants born with cataracts and cataracts, which are caused by eye injuries, require skin treatment.
How to prevent cataract?
Although there is no way to prevent cataracts, it is possible to slow the growth of cataracts.
It is important to control healthy eating and diabetes by stopping smoking, wearing sunscreen or a hat.
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