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Fetal quickening

(By Dr. Houliet Ephraim Tufort)

Another of the most exciting and exciting moments of pregnancy experience is the movement of the fetus.

The movement, called Quickening, is heard for the first time from the 16th week of pregnancy to the 25th week.

The mother may not feel it until the 25th week of pregnancy and on the 13th week of pregnancy.

The first movement for me was the 18th week of pregnancy. The movement is very sensitive. This activity is heard by the customer when sitting or lying down to rest.
As this pregnancy progresses, especially during the 2nd and 3rd trimester, this activity will be more visible than just feeling.
Although pregnancy is rarely heard during the first trimester (1-12 weeks), it can be loud and fast, especially around the end of the second trimester (13-26 weeks). Studies show that the fetus can move up to 30 times per hour during the third trimester.
Counting the activity of the fetus is important because it can sometimes be a primary indicator if there is a problem with the fetus.
When you need to count on an abortion, keep track of how long it takes to count 10 activities per day on your left side, and count at least the same time the next day if you still count for 10 hours in two hours and consult your doctor.
This should not be overlooked, however, because there are hours in which the fetus will increase and decrease during the day because the fetus will have an active period.
Studies usually show that the mother can feel the movement after feeding.
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The next topic of pregnancy experience will be "Cravings in Pregnancy" which most of you would like to know.
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