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16 days; 16 stories to health agencies free of sexual harassment

For all female medical professionals

Are you worried about being sexually assaulted at work? Is your workplace convenient? Do you intend to help yourself and your co-workers create a safe workplace?

The MED is with you. Mandela Ethiopian Physicians (MED) was established in 2018 by physicians participating in the Mandela Washington Fellowship, which aims to provide social services

Let's look at the biggest problem: According to a recent study by Medscape, 37 out of the 3700 physicians surveyed in the country have experienced sexual harassment at least one in her work in the past 3 years
When dealing with sexual harassment at work, talking about the problem makes me more problematic: stories about who to believe, who to tell, and fear of getting justice. # Listen to me is the talk of this year's 16-day Human Rights Campaign Leader. This will run from November 16 to December 1, and we will discuss the issue by sharing your story on various social media. We invite all of you to share your story
Your story contributes greatly to creating a workplace free of sexual harassment for you and other colleagues
Send your story to our email address or send us directly to our Facebook page We share your story on our social media pages. You can include a name, photo, workplace / school with your history. But if you want to remain anonymous, we will respect your decision and keep your privacy
At the start of the campaign, we will have a panel discussion on December 1 (International Human Rights Day) with a panel of lawyers, human rights advocates and medical professionals.
The purpose of this campaign is to raise community awareness on sexual harassment and to highlight the impact of treatment in medical settings. Thus, against female medical professionals
Organize counseling sessions to end sexual harassment.
“Wait for anyone to talk to you, you are the one who is changing the world,” Malala said.


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