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Hi there! Can we learn a little about Shotley? Pregnancy in non-ART women and RH. What is Rh negative? RH is a protein found in red blood cells. People who have this protein in their red blood cells are called ARP positive, whereas those without it are called RH negative. 
Having an Rh negative or Rh positive blood type does not affect health. The problem is that when a pregnant woman with a rhubarb blood type has an HIV-positive pregnancy, she becomes pregnant. Fortunately, most of the problems associated with this are available. This medicine is called anti-immunoglobulin (rogam). It is given only by injection. Women with blood type RH are not to blame for this problem. How can a expectant mother know what her blood type is?
A blood test is taken during the initial prenatal examination. This test includes a blood type test. What problem might a woman have because she has an RH? Normally, the blood of the mother and her unborn child does not mix. Occasionally, blood can be mixed from baby to mother. This is most common during childbirth. If the fetus has an RH, the mother has no RH, and the red blood cells of the fetus are mixed with the mother's blood, the mother's body produces an antioxidant protein that travels through her blood.
Antioxidants can be a problem in the fetus because they contain and attack the red blood cells in the fetus during pregnancy. These antibiotics destroy the red blood cells of the fetus. During this time the fetus will develop anemia and other health problems. Occasionally it may even die in the womb. This condition is commonly known as cholestyle. What about the fetus?
It is not easy to know the type of blood in the fetus. However, if an HIV-infected pregnant woman has anemia, her congenital blood may have an RH. However, if the couple is both without AR, the fetus will have an RV, so they do not mind this problem.

If a pregnant woman is found to have no blood type (despite having a chance of having an RH), the pregnant woman with AR will be offered the necessary tests and follow-up. Many problems can be avoided by doing so.


What is the ongoing diagnosis and treatment of an HIV-positive pregnant woman?

An indirect coomb's test must be verified by a pregnant woman who has no blood type.
1. If laboratory tests show that there is no antibody in the blood, you will be taken to take the medicine. It prevents the body from producing antibiotics. The medicine is given by injection in the seventh month of pregnancy. After the birth, if the baby has a blood clot and has an RH, the needle is taken again within 72 hours of giving birth. If the baby does not have a blood type RH, she does not need additional needles.
This condition does not affect the baby during the first pregnancy, but if the medication is not taken, it can cause serious harm to the newborn, so the needle must be injected in all future pregnancies until the person is not ready for antibiotics.
2. If the antibiotic is found in her blood, the needle will not be used. A thorough examination and follow-up may be necessary because the fetus may be the victim.
Immediately after the baby is born, he / she is taken to an Infant Care Unit and undergoes necessary tests and treatment.
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