Ethiopia: ዘጠነኛው Zetenegnaw Shi sitcom drama Part 15


One of the most devastating and potentially harmful psychological effects that women experience is miscarriage. Studies show that this may happen to more than one woman at the same time, for one or several reasons Miscarriage, or scientific miscarriage, is one of the most common conditions women may encounter in their lives I have had two miscarriages in the same year and it has been a time of great shock, anger, and sadness, but I have found it challenging to take those times, with the support of a spouse, family support and doctor's advice, and an incredible sense of self-confidence Studies have shown that science shows that miscarriage may not be the key to a successful pregnancy. However, if it occurs frequently, it is best to discuss it with a medical professional about the cause and the symptoms As I mentioned before, I am on a successful pregnancy after two consecutive pregnancies It is advisable to consult a doctor first if you are thinking about becoming pregnant, or if you start 8 weeks after the first day of your last menstrual period The doctor will do a variety of blood and urine tests to confirm your pregnancy and your mother's health. Then, with the help of ultrasound, he can be sure that the fetus is in the right place. Listens to the heartbeat of the fetus Then your doctor will give you a follow-up appointment as needed, a monthly appointment for a healthy pregnancy and a monthly appointment for other close-term I chose this topic for today because of the day I heard the ultrasound of the fetus for the first time in my 12th week of pregnancy. I remember crying with tears because it was a great feeling and an indescribable joy I will write to you later about Morning Sickness

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