Idepa batabking poletika wsti new


A few years ago, Shebery Elder discovered me and my partner and asked us to write a complaint to the Prime Minister. They mistreated me.

When we met we talked about poetry and he asked me to come up with a poem in my mouth.

Well, if you don't have mine, let's listen to yours," said the Pulse.

Come on! And if you beat me, I have a poem;
Let us revel in the days of our mourning
Our Time Is Up;
I went home and asked my dictionary because I had never heard of the term chronology.
Happiness Teklewald, New Amharic Dictionary, page 496
It is a woman who lives in a village where she digs. Where the neighbor stood on the wall of the new house, the woman was restless and restless.
Even you died, you tell me
They Restored Me on My Bladder;
When he heard this, he laughed to the last one.
Wooden was a servant of the Royal Telanghus. He got a chance to try it. One two three chat! He saw an enemy soldier standing across the river. My dear one boasted:
Cherry blossoms; kosher grain
By the killer he did, as you see
What philosophy does she carry in her last post !! Although I did not tell him the secret of the tithe, he turned to tell us the secret of the divine in two verses.
At the same time, it is difficult to be a cool father and a conservative. When you are judged, you carry the abuse for the sake of your child. Either you love her with love or food. And you never know how to express that kind of feeling.


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